Posted by Darren Armstrong on

In a world that seems suffocated with social media posts, advertising, blogs and pictures of cats in hats how do i make MY website, Instagram page and Facebook post stand out ?

I still don't understand fully the capabilities of social media but understand its a very powerful tool for marketing and influencing choices. Since starting Armstrong Appparel i have been inundated daily with requests to help me "Boost" my page, some of which i have taken up so i can learn from them. What have i learnt ? Nothing !!! I believe success is built from 3 things. A good product, hard work and luck ! Paying someone in Indonesia $14 to post a picture of my product for their 175 thousand followers to like, seems like a good idea. Promotion for very little cost. However that promotion has got you nothing. No website activity, no page likes or Instagram followers, is there something wrong with my product ? NO!

Your target audience are not the followers of an Instagram "Influencer", your target audience are the people you had in mind when you started this idea. So how do i get in front of them ? The same way every other person with the word "sales" in their job title would do it. Make a call, knock on doors, be specific and be patient.

Your ultimate goal is to persuade people to part with their hard earned money to buy your product, and in this current economical climate that is a lot harder and unfortunately a lot more time consuming. Keep going and don't give up. Its hard to find a balance between self promotion and irritating social media posts that are all the same, but those that don't like it will just ignore it and if you give up you wont get the attention of your target audience. Be relevant, be thought provoking, be funny.