Not everyone wants you to succeed - But thats ok

Posted by Darren Armstrong on

Not everything you do in life will be supported by all of your family, friends and associates. But that's ok!

Do not expect everyone to like what you do. Everyone is different which means their opinions, likes and dislikes will differ to. What you think is a "tasty Burger", Samuel L Jackson may think tastes disgusting, what Meat Loaf wouldn't do for love, we may do in a heartbeat and i am sure there are some people in the world that disagree with Donald Trump!.

Your idea is yours! and some people may not understand it or see the vision but don't get upset with that. Some people may not have the time to share that Facebook post or like every instagram picture, but don't get disheartened. Keep going, believe in yourself, believe in your brand, believe in your idea. Sometimes things were just not meant to be but as long as you have exhausted yourself in trying, and explored every avenue, what else can you do ? Rely on other people ? No ! The only person you can rely on is yourself.

Unbelievably, some people will actually want you to fail. Not because they dislike you or your idea, but out of jealousy or spite or the fact they are having a bad day. These people are insignificant to you and your idea. Concentrate on the positive and the constructive and ignore the irrelevant.

Not everybody likes bread ! Some people are intolerant to Milk and although flying is proven to be the safest form of travel, some people still refuse to get on that plane. That's ok. The day we all eat the same, watch the same and look the same will be a very boring day indeed. Embrace the fact you and your idea are different and ignore the sheep.

Some people may not like Armstrong Apparel !! But i do !!!