The Choice of the Strong

Posted by Darren Armstrong on

Why are you doing this ? Is a question we have been asked hundreds of times and have asked it of ourselves in this process so far.

The inspiration for Armstrong Apparel has been my wife and partner in this venture, Kelly. Kelly fell upon strong-woman training by accident and immediately realised she had found something that would change her life for the better. After a matter of months she was competing locally against some seasoned Strong-women and holding her own. Gaining in confidence she was training harder both in the gym and in our front garden (much to the amusement of our kids and entertainment for the neighbours). Continuing to compete and attend festivals, me and the kids were taken along for the ride and soon realised we were all on a journey we didn't want to stop. The people we have met along the way, the places we have been and things we have learnt have all been important factors in wanting to start ARMSTRONG APPAREL.

We wanted to offer something to the world of strongman but also appeal the general public and make everyone a member of TEAM ARMSTRONG