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Armstrong Apparel has now been live for 4 months and although not the primary source of income for either of us yet, it certainly has been the primary focus (apart from the kids)......(sometimes). So whats happened these busy past 4 months ? We have had 3253 visitors to our website! Thats an average of 813 a month or 26 a day !! 26 a day may not seem alot to some people but for us its amazing. Our Facebook and instagram followers are slowly rising and it would be great to get them both into 4 digit figures. These numbers are purely down to the support of our friends and their friends. The continued support of some has been fantastic and will never be forgotten.

We now have 3 collections, Classic, Diablo and Varsity with multiple colour combinations in each, and more to come. Additional specialist products to come such as shorts, tracksuits, cycle wear and rain protection and we are always open to suggestions, requests and personal choice.

Climate change is a thing and it's taken a teenager from Sweden to teach us that plastic is bad, and forcing the European Union (which we are still in) to BAN single use plastic

I have watched Katelyn Ohashi's perfect 10 floor routine around 20 times and still find it amazing.

The cool ginger prince and his wife had a baby.

And we are still in Europe

It truly has been a fantastic journey so far and we are certainly looking forward to the rest of the trip.