Whats your inspiration ?

Posted by Darren Armstrong on

I believe everything we do in life is or has been inspired by someone or something. The colour you choose for the living room wall, the name of your child, your career choice and of course the reason you train, go to the gym or play a sport. The inspiration could a conscious or subconscious influence but i promise you its there. It could be something you spotted on daytime television, someone you saw in the high street or a kind or even hurt-full comment by a loved one or stranger. What ever the inspiration, take it, own it, use it.

I have always wanted to be a business owner, do my own thing, educate myself and see where it takes me but i never knew what, or how, as i was missing that important piece of inspiration. So whats changed ? I got married! The marriage itself wasn't the inspiration but the person i was marrying would go on to inspire me, encourage me and support me in everything i did, every day.

Her story about her journey into Strong-woman is her own to tell, but it is that journey that has inspired me to launch Armstrong Apparel. The achievements in the sport astound, amaze and INSPIRE me every time she competes or trains. If she can do what she does it makes me feel i can achieve anything.

So my inspiration is my wife Kelly Armstrong, whats yours ?